The Enigma

​I stood, unmoved, visage set like stone.

lips pursed, eyes twitched,

I was in the maze, alone.

The closed doors gave me that familiar itch.
Unsure, I waited in the dim hall.
Although I had been here infinite times before,

this time I let myself fall.

Running all life, my feet were sore.
I panicked as time slipped like sand,

I have to fix this before it gets out of hand,

I rummaged through those ancient drawers,

Found my theories, theses and a diary written in morse.
As I paced past the usual doors,

unlocked them just to be sure.

Went through libraries full of Bailey and Bohr.

Alas! I couldn’t find the cure.
I ran past those intimate corridors and lanes. 

I ran and ran, ran a goose chase,

 a while later found myself in the same old place.

There had to be a way, after all it’s a maze.
My eyes shone as I beheld a forgotten door,
I slowly entered, eager to know more.

There I was in that dark, grim room again,

Which I had bolted to save myself from pain.
My mother looked at me the same way,

With love, pain and malady,

before she left me the next day.

As I had to again witness the tragedy.
Through the years I strived to figure it out,

slowly the fog cleared from my mind,

I realized that’s what this enigma is all about.

I realized I was yet to pave a way to find.
I stood, unmoved, visage set like stone

Lips pursed, eyes twitched.

I realized he too had gone,

Yet again I couldn’t find the glitch.


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