Glass half full

It’s been quite sometime that I’ve been staring at the glass in front of me. Half full. I laugh snarkily, at my thought. Half full like our lives? It’s been almost 6 months of this ‘new normal’ and somewhere we have found ourselves trying out new ways to feel fulfilled. I had taken up 3 new hobbies(painting, art journaling, playing a ukulele) within the first 3 weeks, I have a new job (House surgeon in my medical college) and have tried new genres of music(indie, classical, k-pop) all within this pandemic. So if there’s someone making a list of people trying to look at this situation in a glass half full perspective, make sure to include my name.

But within this so called journey of self discovery comes self-doubt. A crippling kind sometimes. The kind that breaks you every night and then rebuilds you every morning. So truth be told, among the 3 habits I started, I am hardly pursuing either at this moment. Instead I turn towards new things everyday and wait. Wait to feel fulfilled or wait to get over them too. And yet I think the glass is half full.

From where I stand the glass is filled at least. I am privileged, and I acknowledge that fact. And I urge people to consider that, whether you call it half full or half empty remember that it is still filled and the fact that you can discuss this tells that, you, my friend are privileged.

But aren’t we too eager? Aren’t we ending up drinking more than we need to? Isn’t the glass emptying now? With rising cases, no care for social distancing, flooding of markets, panic buying, unemployment and falling economy and inattention to all these pressing topics by the media and people likewise, aren’t we just exploiting the privilege we were given? Aren’t we doing the same thing which landed us here amidst a pandemic, that is, ignoring our world’s ‘cry for help’?

The thin top rim is stagnant right now, staring at the ceiling while the bottom is emptying through a leak. If we remain as ignorant about that leak as we are now, soon there would be no question and all that would remain will be a glass.


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