The Fortress

Ages ago
When everything seemed new
And dreams were as true as reality
I started building a fort, with blankets and hope
And oh! Fairy lights!
In its comfy womb
I read, slept and fantasised a bit
Let’s just say, I conquered it.

One day,
Hope left unannounced.
The foundation broke,
It shook the core.
I stood still, shocked
As the bricks collapsed
And dreams came crumbling down.
Then silence.

The weight was crushing me,
I couldn’t move or breathe
Lost in the dark,
The ideas of dread
were eating up my head.
The ominous signs told me,
This is the end.
I sat there for hours,
Or days,
or a lifetime.
Looking for the light,
A sign,
that hope might be back.

It dawned on me suddenly like the morning light on leaves,
That hope never left.
He was right around the corner,
I pulled myself up,
Climbed up to the top, went to the edge.
It was a simple answer,
I just needed to lower the bridge.


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